> Automotive technology company, digital interfaces for cars

Only a solid and dynamic reference trademark seeking innovative solutions that meet the needs and expectations of customers, is able to be the leading figure of a recent chapter in the automotive industry Latinamerican: the one referring to technological matching of local automotive parks to those of world's major economies.

With own centers of research and development in São Paulo (Brazil) and in Pompano Beach (USA), CROSSWIRE manages the design, production, and distribution of their products, focused on preserving the originality of the vehicle.

Partner of European companies, leaders in this segment, CROSSWIRE dominates the main automotive technologies (CanBus, Most, and LVDS) present worldwide. Its components and electronic circuits are ratified by EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) European protocol, and operates on possible electromagnetic incompatibilities, keeping them under control and increasing the system immunity.

This means that CROSSWIRE products offer the warranty that, when used as recommended, they do not cause interference between the media and its emissions (radio, telecommunications, and other equipment as well), maintaining the original condition of the car without damaging or altering the multimedia system of the car.