> Automotive technology company, digital interfaces for cars

Only those who produce what sell can ensure what one does.

CROSSWIREhardware and software undergo a strict and particular assessment process. Before the scale production, the interfaces are subjected to bench test to certify feature and compliance with current regulations of the countries in which they'll be marketed. The entire process is audited by the production sector and by the automotive engineers who are responsible for the design of projects.

CROSSWIREsolutions, once installed on vehicles that have original monitor, in an integrated way enable GPS, Digital TV, DVD, rear camera and touch screen iPod, steering wheel buttons and/or radio controls, as closely as possible to an original factory solution.

Our interfaces operate passively in the multimedia network of the automobile, which becomes unlikely any type of problems or permanent damage. And this also happens because of the whips used: all in the standard "plug and play", a system which eliminates during installation, adaptations, cuts or perforations in cabling.