> Support for Automotive solutions 100% plug & play, audio and video unlocking interface, integration of the original commands through the steering wheel, touch screen and panel.

Only those who produce can ensure what one sells. This is why Crosswire is the only company in the industry that provides extended warranty and unlimited assistance to the products carrying its brand. 

CROSSWIRE is a pioneer in the automotive interface segment in Brazil. Once installed on vehicles with their original monitor, in an integrated way it enables GPS, Digital TV, DVD, reversing camera and touch screen iPod, steering wheel buttons and / or radio controls, as closely as possible to an original solution from factory.

Its products are manufactured from components and electronic circuits approved by the EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) European protocol, which operates on possible electromagnetic incompatibilities, keeping them under control and increasing the immunity of system.

Unlocking the original entertainment system of the car, made by our components, does not affect communication network  functionality (CAN, MOST, LVDS) of the car . It is proven  that when the interfaces are disabled, the used pathways are restored, retrieving it  to its original state . Thus, under any circumstances, our products may  not cause any irreversible or permanent damage either in the car or in any other devices.

All interfaces present  Plug & Play connections, that is , a "clean connection" that keeps the car manufacturing standards  while it activates an existing susceptibility  in the HEAD UNIT to adjust  the integration of network commands CAN, MOST, or LVDS.

The interface filters information when the car is both in motion and operates a circuit enabling it to interfere with other functions through varying binary codes. Once it has been installed, the product triggers an  exchange of messages, such as unlocking the original DVD.

In a complete car (?), the interface enables both an Audio Video (AV) input and a back seat screen.

In the intermediate car (?) which has no entertainment system, the interface enables a vehicle original susceptibility (predisposition), which comes through a harness , that re-establishes the connection (original cable for auxiliary AV input).

In both cars it is possible to integrate digital TV (steering commands - forward and backward) and GPS (touch screen) with the commands from the vehicle factory.

Currently, the CrossWire interface is the only solution in the segment of automotive multimedia that keeps, with safety and quality, vehicle original features.


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