> Support for Automotive solutions 100% plug & play, audio and video unlocking interface, integration of the original commands through the steering wheel, touch screen and panel.

1.     Can I buy interfaces directly from CrossWire ?
If you are Legal Entity from automotive accessories industry – Shopkeeper or Concessionaire – yes, you can purchase the products directly.

2.     CrossWire products provide warranty?
Yes, all CrossWire interfaces provide warranty of 1 year, that can be extended for another 12 months, along unlimited assistance. The safety seals cannot be broken and the part must preserve its serial number (please read Warranty and Trade Policy conditions).

3.     Do CrossWire interfaces fit in every car?
CrossWire is specialized in cars with original factory screen and produce interfaces for almost modelos. Depending on year, model, and original features of each car, CrossWire have a specific solution.

4.     What I can install in my car?
CrossWire interfaces allow to install DVD Reader, Digital TV, GPS, Rear Camera, iPod, USB, and Rear Screens. Anyway, all your non-original factory car devices, but keeping the originality of the vehicle.

5.     Can the equipment installed be commanded by the original controls of my car?
Yes, for almost all current models CrossWire enables this integration, that is without the use of remote control or non-originals buttons.

6.     Do CrossWire products change any original function in my car?
No. All original features will be maintained.

7.     Do I lose original warranty of my car if I install CrossWire products?
No. CrossWire products are Plug & Play and don't interfere nor in your car's originality nor in warranty.

8.     What is the average price of a Crosswire interface?
Prices list of our solutions can be ordered along our representatives.

9.     Who does the product installation?
Installation service is provided during the purchase by our dealers.

10.     Does the interface interfere in any original function of the vehicle?
No. CrossWire products are Plug & Play and don't interfere nor in your car's originality nor in warranty.

11.     What does the “equipment integration” expression mean in the car?
It means that you can control TV, DVD or GPS by the original commands of the car.

For safety sake, all installation processes, as expected by our Trade Policy must be performed by qualified professionals. Do not remove tags and seals, otherwise there won't be warranty. After receive the package, check if there are all components; if not, please contact the supplier immediately.

Demand a quality installation performed by someone who understands the product. Demand the best. Demand Crosswire.